Erik Chistov

I’m a Icelandic based photographer, videographer and traveler. Mostly, I am specialising in lifestyle and travel content creation, but any other projects can be discussed.

I found my own unique style of photography, which makes every single shot eye-catching. I am trying to motivate and inspire people in my social media bubble. As living in a city, people forgot how beautiful our planet is.

My journey as a photographer started pretty recently, comparing to some of the world’s most famous photographers. In the end of 2018 I got my first camera, and since then, millions of people have seen my work.

I believe, that emotions, which human get while traveling – are one of the main supporters for a complete and happy lifestyle.

My passion and enthusiasm for adventure and nature brought me to the travel industry. I put all my soul and effort in each shot which I create, so the content I make looks eye-catching and spreads a message.

If you’d like to discuss a new project or for any other enquiries please use the contact form, or email me directly at hello@erychist.com . I Look forward to hearing from you!

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